A Long And Well Preserved Life When Wood Is Treated

A Long And Well Preserved Life When Wood Is Treated

By now, you all know what it means to be treated. If you are gracious or modest, you could just say that when someone treats you, however he or she does so, you are being spoiled. But usually when this happens, you fully deserve the treatment. You must have done something right in your life. But what happens when wood is treated? Treated wood poles, floor panels, staircase banisters, commercial stock shelves, and the like, are ensuring its users a long and well preserved life.

And how is this achieved? Let’s take a closer but very brief and fleeting look at this. There is no need to go into technical specifics to give new encouragement and motivation to continue with the longstanding tradition of utilizing wood esthetically and aesthetically in the home space, and practically and productively in the agricultural, commercial and industrial space, although it must be said that it has not always been the case before.

Treated wood poles

Long before wood was treated, it could never last long. If ever there was an accidental fire at home or on the farm or within commercial premises, everything was, quite literally, burnt down to a cinder. And if there was no disaster, wood got eaten away to nothing but a crumble, disintegrating and damaging staircases, floors and farm perimeters. Where the use of wood poles outdoors is concerned, it is always exposed to the natural elements, predominantly the sun and heavy rainfall or snow.

When wood on all fronts is treated, it is coated with a formidable resin that protects it from the elements and the dreaded termites which make its home in wood. The lacquer applied to the wood allows for the wood to last for years longer than would have normally been the case.